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What Your Lawyer Does for You:

Once you have found a buyer for your sale or a property you want to buy, the transaction is driven by the real estate lawyers to get you to the finish line and make sure everything runs smoothly.  ​​I assist buyers and sellers with residential real estate closings in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs from contract to closing (I'm especially great with first timers), including: ​

1. Contract Negotiations

2. Home inspection issues

3. Mortgage issues and the loan process

4. Closing documents for buying and selling 

5. Title insurance and survey

6. The Closing to protect your rights.​

Why You Need a Lawyer for an FSBO:

If you have a property to buy or sell and are doing so without a real estate broker, it is important that you have an experienced real estate attorney to assist and guide you through the process.  In this situation, a real estate attorney will take on additional responsibilities.  One of the most important responsibilities is negotiating.  It is sometimes difficult and ill advised to try to negotiate the price and terms of an FSBO (home for sale by owner) contract because as a buyer or seller, the emotions of the deal can make even the most experienced buyer or seller act irrationally.  Without a real estate broker, the attorney as a go-between negotiator can take on greater importance.  

Not using a broker can save you a lot of money, but luckily my flat fees are very small compared to that of a realtor commission.